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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
So, it has been a while since I have posted anything. It’s not that I have been busy. It’s not that I have been so occupied by scandal or sex, drinking or dancing to have written anything. I have just been grown-up busy. I can’t believe I can say it, but as of 10:30 last Monday morning my days have spun completely out of my control. I was lost in a fog of paperwork, budgets, and meetings, and now, that I have been able to zombie-walk my way out of it I wake up this morning to a Conservative minority government. Way to add insult to injury. I think that what’s worse is that I saw it coming since last week – this is a fancy way to say that I have been looking at the polls. At least it is a minority and they will have to keep more centre if they want to do anything, much like the Liberals relying on the NDP. In December Macleans Magazine ran a cover with a profile shot of Jack Layton with the cover line “Who is this man and why is he running the country?” I wonder what that group of Conservative groupies and National Post leftovers will write when Harper has to rely on the Liberals to do anything. I wonder if Macleans can be considered advertorial for the Conservative party of Canada? You know, Like Fox news is for Bush in the US. We’ll see what happens.

In other news, it looks like I will not be committing suicide in February as previously feared. I will be heading to San Francisco on a business trip tomorrow afternoon. VERY excited about this, how can I not be? San Francisco is a great city. After that trip I will be attending a … wait for it … professional development course at a spa. I know what you are thinking, “Professional development, AWESOME. I wish I could go!” I also know that you bitches are sarcastic. The work will NOT be fun, but the seaweed wrap, hot tub and mud baths will be. You know what will make them more fun? Martinis. Lots of them.

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