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Saturday, March 26, 2005

So, I'm sitting here wondering what to do this evening. I have a couple options. They're really exciting. Are you ready for them? I could go to a party - the only party I know of happening this evening. Or, I could stay home and watch TV. The party may be filled with drumming circle people, so, I'm taking a risk here. However, I just looked at the TV listings and it looks like I have a choice between Laura Ingles Wilder's Little House on the Prairie or Zoe Busack, Wildcard. We have no movies at home and I don't want to read all night.

Perhaps I will go out to the party. I figure if there really is a lot of drumming I can always leave. I can leave and come home in time to watch My Fair Lady. I really dislike drumming circle people. A while ago I was at this party and there was a DJ doing his best. I was liking the music. But, the drumming circle people would NOT stop drumming, and guess what, half of them have no ability to drum. Anyway, they kept pounding away irritating the heck out of those of us who wanted to listen or dance to real music. Then, and this killed me, one of the drumming chicks asked the DJ to stop playing so that they could drum uninterrupted. That is when I left.

Really, drumming circle people are the bain of my existence!

Friday, March 25, 2005
So, you'd think now that I am almost 30 I can hold my drink like an adult. Well, last night proved me wrong. It also proved that I have no ability to have more than two drinks and act my age. I went to a party last night, but before hand, I had a couple drinks with my friends at home. Then, I had the genuis idea to mix a vodka and soda and drink it on the way. Smart. Do grown-ups do that? Then, my friend Lucia decided that it would be a great idea to do shots of jaggermeister at the bar. Excellent plan. Naturally, we followed that up with yet another vokda soda. Then, just to put a fine point on the evening, this guy bought me a beer - because that is what I needed, a beer. That guy got angry with me later on because I wouldn't make-out with him. We actually had a fight about it. Also, I gave a woman a make -over in the bathroom. Then I tried to get one of the DJs to dance with me. Then, I yelled at the bouncer because - here's a shocker - my drunken ass and my similarily intoxicated friends were the last to leave and I just wanted him to give me a minute. Now, that's class. My mom would be so proud of me. Thankfully, I don't do this very often. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I had that much to drink. Not that I can't remember. I mean, it was just so long ago.

Party on.
Thursday, March 24, 2005
So, yesterday I left work early. That was great, but I wasn’t feeling 100% and it put a damper on being out of the office at 2:45pm. I went home and had to get food for the fat bastard, Oscar. I also had to do some laundry. Check me out, I took my clothes to the laundry mat, and put them in the wash. Then I walked over to the new No Frills to buy the cat food (Iams has a number of different varieties. I think that should have one that says “Old, Fat, Hairy Bastard”. I buy that in a second). As boys had me down yesterday I also picked up a bag of cookies – I later had 6 cookies and a cream-sickle for dinner.

Then I walked back to the laundry mat where I was entertained buy a singing crazy man and this FANTASTIC Portuguese soap opera called Mujeres Apaxionadas – which means “Women in Love”. I don’t think it is based on the D.H. Lawrence novel, unless the D.H. Lawrence novel’s main theme is the search for ideal love. I’ve only read part of that novel, but I think it is more about loins and lusting – anyway. The soap was great and may overtake Terra Speranza as my favourite soap opera. Although, I will never be able to see Mujeres Apaxionadas, as I will be at work. Terra Speranza is totally accessible to me. Well accessible in that it is on in the evening. I don’t speak or understand Portuguese, but I think that soap operas have a universal language.

I hope to learn Portuguese. Perhaps the soaps can help me. Although, I will always sound very dramatic. “I love this sandwich. It was all I ever wanted for lunch.”
Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Some days it seems that all the boys are taken. That is all I have to say today.

Oh and this: Some of those taken boys like to play. Beware!
Tuesday, March 22, 2005
So, I go to a particular lingerie store when I want a new bra. It's on Bloor St. and I love it. The only thing is that the bras aren't cheap, but I really don't have a choice because I have tried to find bras at The Bay, La Senza and various other stores, but no luck. As a result, I always go to Secrets From Your Sister. They sell a good bra. I am even on their list to call when certain bras come in so that I can see if I like them. Recently, although, I discovered that I am the exact same size as the sales girl's sister. So, it is often a competition for who gets there first.
Well, I went to pick up a new bra yesterday. The store I go to had it on back order. I am pleased to say that the bra is perfect. While at the store I looked around a bit and saw the matching panties to the bra I bought about a week ago. They are these pretty pink lace panties. Just beautiful. Anyway, I was looking at them and the sales lady says: "We don't normally carry those because they are just too expensive."
"How expensive could they be?" I asked.
She pulled them down off the rack and showed them to me. $63.00. Call me cheap, but that is a lot of money to pay for panties. You can only wear them once then you have to wash them.
The most I have ever paid for panties was $20.70 and I really really really liked them. I mean really.

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