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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So, something has been bugging me for a really long time. I just can’t ‘get’ exactly what is happening with Rona Ambroses hair. It is beyond terrible. Is it just that she has a super small forehead? Or perhaps her head is just too wide? In any case, you would think that she would have a styleist that could sort that out for her, unless one already has and this is the best that they could do. But every time I look at her I think perhaps it is a sub standard wig. I know and see plenty of people who choose to wear wigs for vanity, religious reasons or due to some health issues. But, they all have wigs that look great. So, if Ambrose is wearing a wig, she got a really poor quality one. Or she has really bad taste in wigs. This is why I think it is just her hair. And that she has made some bad hair choices.

And what is with that ridiculous part in the middle just a touch on the right side or her tiny forehead? Is it a symbol that she is right of centre? Who knows? On TV and in newspapers it looks like Ambrose has a very thick head of hair. You think that you could do so much with it. I think women nation wide would love to have all that hair. I am also sure that they would make it look nice.

I understand if she is wary of her hair looking too nice. We all see what happens when a woman in politics dares to look good. But, that said it is like she has done her level best to look like her head and hair are one solid unit. Remember those lego people with the stiff hair? That is what she looks like.

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