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Saturday, December 18, 2004
Today I am so happy
Today the greatest roommate in creation will help me make a new running cd for the gym. Isn't she the best? We will first have to find 'Fame' on the internet. Hopefully it will be fast enough. It will make going to the gym even better. Hopefully, in the new year, it will stop me from wanting to kill all the new years resolution people who pack into the YMCA and monopolize the treadmill and rest on the hip abductors - or whatever that machine is called where you either squeeze in or push out the weights with your thighs. I shouldn't complain because they are generally gone in 6 weeks.

Friday, December 17, 2004
Ah The Streetcar
So, this morning as the Streetcar slid into the College/Dovercourt stop I saw the Opium Tent get ready to board. While my coffee makes her bearable, her stench still bothers me. Especially when walks by because she leaves a cloud of smell behind her. However, today, she walked by and so smell. That made me pretty happy. Did someone tell her? Did she run out of her retro fragrance? Does it really matter? The point is she didn't make me sick or give me a headache. It may be a Christmas miracle.

Then, this angry woman got on a few minutes later. She stood right beside me and looked MAD. She was also wearing too much perfume, but at least it wasn't an Elizabeth Taylor special still available at The Bay. Boy did she look angry. I almost told her that she should try bring a coffee with her in the morning. It worked for me!

Thursday, December 16, 2004
Very Good Start to the Day
Look at me at work and it is only 8:45. I was so efficient this morning, it made my head spin.

Last night I was at the Dovercourt House until about 10:45 and this woman I barely know offered to drive me home as she lives about 5 minutes from my place. WooHoo, free ride. I was real happy to accept, and I was also real happy because the earlier I get home the earlier I can shower and get to bed. But then she offers rides to these two guys. One of them lives in the complete opposite direction. He tells her where he lives and then says "That's out of your way, huh?" in this please help me it's cold voice. So, she drives him home too. She is a super nice woman. So I told her that I'd go to almost the OTHER SIDE OF THE CITY with her, no problem. I don't have a car and my friends will often give me a ride home or to wherever we are going. But, I kinda felt that this guy was taking advantage of her kindness. Anyway, it's the holiday season and he got home to his daughter faster.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Big boobs good: big ankles bad
So, last night I read a blog about breast implants. The blog belongs to this guy I know. Go read it:, Oh I hope that doesn’t violate any blogging rules (if so, apologies to the blog people and to the owner of the blog). Anyway, it was pretty interesting because he watched this show about these two sisters who decided to get implants because they want to get into Playboy. Spectacular. Apparently the women were about as smart as a bag of hammers and didn’t seem to understand that while large breasts are necessary for Playboy, they are not sufficient.

I just want to say this it is too bad the show was produced at all. That’s not really balanced reporting. You can’t have an honest discussion about plastic surgery when your subjects are idiots. Mind you, I didn’t see the show, but there are a lot of programs or articles that are about stupid women getting plastic surgery in general or breast implants specifically. I see that as adding insult to injury. Also, perhaps I am being oversensitive, but shows like that really forward the stereotype of the stupid large breasted woman. If you are stupid and have small breasts, you can have surgery and join your large breasted sisters.

That show seems to really have been about two completely irrational people (I wonder if the producers paid for the surgery). There are a lot of irrational people in this world. I knew this one woman who was convinced that she had fat ankles and if she got liposuction on her ankles (which, by the way, she was saving up for) her life would get better. Imagine the source of her unhappiness was thick ankles.

On a completely different note, I was a special kind of late this morning. I woke up at like 10 past 8. Generally, I don’t set an alarm. I just know I have to wake up at about 7:30. Well, I opened my eyes at 7am, went back to sleep then woke up at 8:10am. Oops.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Post Gym Haze
Or coma. I finally made it back to the gym this morning and it was good. But, in the time I was away ('away' being asleep in bed) I seem to have convinced myself that after the AM workout I enter a state of euphoria. With a clear mind, ready to start the day. Today after the gym, I felt no euphoria. All I felt was a really strong desire to slip into a coma.

Also, I, for some reason, decide to return to my 6:15am gym schedule on the coldest morning ever recorded in the history of time ever! There is a whole world of cold out there. I think I am subconsciously punishing myself for being so lazy over the last couple months. Really, it's cold out now, it was FREEZING at 6.

Monday, December 13, 2004
Another Mondy
I just had a super tasty chicken curry for lunch. Well, I am biased because I made it. I was raised on curry, so it flows through my veins. I made it last night, and I think it's better today. A friend of mine has a theory of cooking. He says when you stand over a pot cooking you don't fully enjoy the food you made because you have been smelling it for too long. Good theory.

Speaking of curry, I met this woman in the No Frills. A fellow Guyanese woman. She mentioned that she makes roti to sell. Well, I got all excited because I have been looking for a roti woman for a while now. She was going to call my cell from her cell to give me her phone number so I could buy some roti. You know the woman didn't call. I guess there will be no roti for me.

On the weekend, someone asked me the most hated question of the holiday season: What are you doing for New Years? I have no answers for that.

Sunday, December 12, 2004
Closet Case
So, I just finished going through my closet and drawers pulling out clothes that I no longer wear so I can give them to the Good Will or whatever. I am amazed that I constantly complain that I have nothing to wear when it is painfully obvious the real problem is that I have too many choices, yet because I am a creature of habit, I just wear the same things over and over again. Going through my closet seems to have been a fruitless effort in any case because for some reason, I could only manage to pull out one bags worth of clothes. I will try again and I promise to do better.

It has also become painfully obvious that I am not the size I was two years ago as my old jeans have proven. Thankfully, I am headed straight to the gym right after I finish this post.

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