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Thursday, December 16, 2004
Very Good Start to the Day
Look at me at work and it is only 8:45. I was so efficient this morning, it made my head spin.

Last night I was at the Dovercourt House until about 10:45 and this woman I barely know offered to drive me home as she lives about 5 minutes from my place. WooHoo, free ride. I was real happy to accept, and I was also real happy because the earlier I get home the earlier I can shower and get to bed. But then she offers rides to these two guys. One of them lives in the complete opposite direction. He tells her where he lives and then says "That's out of your way, huh?" in this please help me it's cold voice. So, she drives him home too. She is a super nice woman. So I told her that I'd go to almost the OTHER SIDE OF THE CITY with her, no problem. I don't have a car and my friends will often give me a ride home or to wherever we are going. But, I kinda felt that this guy was taking advantage of her kindness. Anyway, it's the holiday season and he got home to his daughter faster.


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