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Monday, January 15, 2007
So, after my capoeira class, on Saturday night I was a special kind of sweaty. I rushed home to get myself ready for a party, for which, I had to dress up. When I got back, I turned on the tap and the water when came shooting out of the top of the faucet and not the showerhead where it is supposed to come out. Great. After some quick thinking I pulled my coat on and got ready to head back to the YMCA. Thankfully I called first because they had closed by then. Great. I ended up showering at my friend’s place around the corner.

About 3 minutes ago the plumber just left (yes, he was attractive). I was (and still am) wearing what, to most people, would be pajamas. He was in my bathroom for about 30 seconds looked at the faucet, told me he would fix it but not today. Great. Hopefully he will fix it this week. He told me that my faucet is old fashioned and while they still make it he doesn’t know if when he fixes it I will still be able to use the same shower head and if not, the landlord (who is notoriously lazy) will have to replace it. Which means I will have to replace it and wait for him to pay me back. Or, perhaps I will get a real nice one and just keep it. I don’t know.

Since my landlord is both cheap and lazy, I can see him finding a faucet in the street and trying to use that – without even cleaning it. Think I am crazy and no one would do that? You are wrong. He once replaced a window screen with a screen he clearly found on the ground. Before he duck taped it onto the brick wall (needless to say that doesn’t really stick) he cut the top off so that it would kinda fit the window. It is hilarious. He also propped up the window with an empty killkenny can he found in my neighbour’s recycling bucket. So, you can see why I wouldn’t put anything past him.

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