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Friday, March 24, 2006
So, I write this blog from my co-workers computer. My laptop was involved in an unfortunate accident involving my elbow and a cup of office coffee. It was a pretty shocking sight. I witnessed the coffee flood over my keyboard like the onset of the evening tide (the tide comes in during the evening right?). Anyway, I immediately had my intern turn the laptop upside-down hoping that would help drain the liquid – which I briefly considered licking off my desk as I had only actually consumed a third of the beverage before the table top bathed in approximately a second third and the laptop consumed the balance. Once the laptop was turned upside-down I am not kidding when I tell you – to the best of my recollection – not a single drop made it’s way from the keyboard to the desk.

After calling the office computer guy, and two separate Mac dealers I have come to understand three things. First, while it is a great thing that I do not take cream in my coffee, it is rather tragic that I take sugar. Second, spilling coffee – sugar or no sugar - on a laptop – PC or Mac - is a always a bad idea, but if you wanted to choose the worst possible machine to pour coffee on, that would be a Mac. Third, due to the plastic that the iBook G4 is made out of, once you spill coffee on the iBook it will smell like coffee forever.

The laptop is now in rehab and will live there until the new keyboard comes in which for some reason is taking forever and it is driving me nuts. Which, in turn is driving the technician nuts because while I have a number of good qualities, one of my bad qualities is a total lack of patience and refusal to understand what a technician is telling me even though they will speak to be in both plain English and rudimentary French. I have spoken to the technician about six times since Sunday, forcing him to give me up-to-the-minute updates on the status of the keyboard shipment. No, it did not come in this morning and although he expected it to come in last Wednesday it will most likely arrive at their St. Laurent location on Monday. Torture.

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