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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
So, I got caught in the rain yesterday. The rain came down in sheets and soaked the entire island. It made me wonder if Montreal wasn’t a jungle in it’s previous incarnations and what little I know of this world’s changing climate, I believe it was. I think the whole world was and then the ice age came, which I think will be back to grip me by mid November, but, I’ll worry about that when necessary.

I was caught in the rain with my new set of pots outside The Bay – La Baie – and I believe I provided some on-lookers with excellent comedy as I ran back and forth from the door to the street trying to hail a cab, which proved more difficult that I imagined despite the presence of several cabs with lights on and no passengers in the back. A nice madamme watched my pots as I ran back and forth and the 8 or 9 people waiting out the rain under the building’s shelter laughed uproariously at every failed attempt. With each mad dash to the curb my jeans hung from me full of more and more water and my shirt clung, pasted to my skin. Pouting with each failure I kept trying, the crowd continued to giggle or guffaw and the rain continued to come down. Finally, the 9th cab I hailed actually stopped. Cheers rang up from Maisonneuve entrance of La Baie. I scrambled into the waiting taxi and my hair dripped onto the seats all the way to my apartment.

I have to say, the pots were worth it. They are real nice.
Tuesday, July 05, 2005
So, here I am in my new office, new surroundings, new city, new co-workers. Wait a minute, the fact that I have co-workers at all is pretty amazing. I already really like my co-workers and I think they are liking me.

Two days before I was supposed to move I had the honour of getting food poisoning. It was my fault really. I don’t think anyone really needs a curry and roti in 33 degree heat, but I just had to have it. The muggy restaurant and the over heated employee should have given me a hint. I mean really, who doesn’t have air conditioning? The small man behind the counter took my order while the back of his left hand wiped the sweat away from his brow. I said “Spinach, chick pea and chicken.” He smiled and half dragged his right leg to the back where he prepared my meal. I finished the whole thing and my stomach already a bit topsy-turvey with nerves took it’s revenge on me starting at 3am and continuing every 40 minutes until I was left half crying and trembling and the cold bathroom floor.

This was the state I was in when I received the call that would change the course of the next two days. At 2:00pm on Thursday I was face down on my dismantled bed covered only by a thin sheet keeping company with the cat who would most likely have been there regardless of my condition, but I like to think he was worried about me. That was when I was told that the person who was going to drive the cargo van at 9:00am on Friday was now unavailable. I hung up the phone, pulled myself out of bed and after a frantic internet search and a lot of tears, I had to hire a moving company – who showed up a day late – and buy a train ticket. When all was said and done, I paid about $1200.00 to move, at least the mover was cute.

So, the actual act of moving went pretty smoothly. Anyway, I’m here now.

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