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Thursday, February 15, 2007

So, yesterday was the big day for those of us in love or those of us wanting to be in love and I believe that covers the entire population no matter what the cynics say. Yes, it was the big day and I was concerned that my co-worker, Meredith (also known as my romantic superhero) would not get her flowers from boyfriend-number-one due to the demolished look of the floor we work on. I was also worried that once the flowers arrived that I would break down crying. This kinda happened last year because while all of editorial was in a meeting I snuck over to her desk and stared at the orchid behind the clear plastic for at least ten minutes. Call me a simple girl but really, I would love to get flowers, and I have never gotten them. Well, not from anyone that mattered, and not for an occasion other than my dad’s funeral.

As is normally the case in my office we had no idea where the boss was and frankly that was a bit of Valentine’s Day treat. But, when he did manage to come in, he entered in style. At about 2:30pm he walks in wearing a black velvet dinner jacket with roses for all of us (we are in production right now and my boss has ended up with a staff of all women. He didn’t plan it) and chocolates. Good job. I think he enjoyed it more than we did.

My super romantic evening was spent at capoeira class. Due to the holiday of love and a bad winter storm I was one of maybe 5 students and for a while it looked like I was the only one to show up. It was Valentine’s Day night and I needed to look at someone beautiful. My capoeira instructor would do. So would the other random topless dude.

I spent the rest of the evening reading Robert Green’s The Art of Seduction. I want to apply it to my capoeira instructor. I would also like to apply it to this other guy but I don’t see him nearly enough. I will have to be diabolical. But, as the book says those of us who believe that love and romance just happens if it is meant to be are just lazy.

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