Prattle on
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
So, today everyone in my office, and those who work with my magazine all called our moms. The staff and freelancers, mostly current Montrealers and mostly from other parts of the country all picked up the phone as a direct result of today’s shootings at Dawson College, a school just a few blocks from my office. We even got an email from a reader wishing us well.

I really wish gun toting lunatics would keep to themselves.


It seems the news was all over the place yesterday and very little of it was accurate. Last I heard, only two people were killed, the gunman and a young woman. While the article on the CBC website this morning does not mention a dead woman the article beside that one does. It is ridiculous. Late breaking internet news really is just like a rumor mill creating news.

Yesterday, while at the YMCA a couple of the flat screens in view of the eliptical trainers were on the RDI (Radio Canada International) station. In the all-toll 30 minutes I spent in that area of the gym, I saw the same footage looped over and over again. is that really necessary?

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