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Friday, March 16, 2007
So, now it’s time for my new weekly feature. Is I-ML wearing a bra? Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to guess in which picture I-ML is wearing a bra.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So, it is probably obvious to most of you, especially those of us in many Canadian cities, towns, hamlets and villages that spring is here and gleefully skipping into our lives. That is the kindergarten version of events. I actually think of it in violent terms. Nature isn’t kind and in my brain each year winter and spring become locked in a death match. But spring will always emerge victorious. Sometime in April in a last ditch effort to control the atmosphere winter will deliver a desperate yet powerful strike and fall onto its knees weak and exhausted. That is when spring moves in for the kill and plants its foot firmly on winter’s neck.

Of course there are obvious atmospheric signs that spring is coming but I think the sign that we humans most enjoy is the magical moment when we all remove our scarves, stop bracing from the wind and for the next six months or so, go on the make.

For me, and a few others around me, that magical moment occurred last night around 10:00pm on St. Viateur walking home from the YMCA. As we walked home, talking about our capoeira instructor, a man stepped out of St. Viateur Bagel and complimented my hair (as we all know, the most direct path to my heart is through my vanity). I turned, smiled and thanked him by blowing a kiss. He said, “do that again and I’ll come home with you.” Well, what is a woman to do? So I replied, “better be careful or I’ll take you up on that.”

Now there was a lot of giggling from my girl friends, probably still talking about the various hard and soft angles on our instructor’s body. But, there gathered on the pavement was his friends and mine, separated by only three or four meters, us laughing, them staring and that was when spring really grabbed hold. Perhaps to make too fine a point a cyclist rode by and actually said, “Well, spring is here.”

Prepare yourselves, the forecast calls for extreme flirting.

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