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Friday, June 09, 2006
About a Cat
So, I’m home in Toronto again and attending a conference about magazine publishing. I can hardly contain my thrill. I am writing this from my sister’s condo just a short walk from the subway at Lansdowne and two major intersections away from everyone’s favourite house cat, Oscar.

This morning GRC took him to the vet for his check-up. I am a bit disappointed that she didn’t ask me to come with her. But, she, no doubt, assumed that I would be busy actually attending the conference, silly woman. Plus, it is probably best that I didn’t go to the vet, as animal doctors probably don’t take kindly to people openly laughing at the pets they are giving medical attention to. And, believe me, I would be laughing.

Oscar’s visit to the vet was a dramatic one, as always. His surely disposition and difficult nature proves to be a serious obstacle to getting him to the office. What’s more, his obvious girth and stunning obstinacy makes maneuvering him into his little cat cage (and, when I say “little” I mean massive cat cage actually meant for a medium sized dog).

Oscar’s personality did not go unnoticed by the vet as she was forced to note in his permanent file that he is “grumpy.” I guess is grumpiness in a serious problem as is his weight. Since GRC got Oscar he has gained almost 10 pounds. In an effort to monitor Oscar’s weight loss (he has been put on a seriously restrictive diet) the vet has advised GRC to buy a scale to weigh Oscar fortnightly.

So, you are all probably wondering how much the Gatto Mas Gordo weighs. Once the scale stopped spinning, Oscar came in at a whopping 25 pounds! The winner of the “Guess Oscar’s Weight Pool” is Nadia. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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