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Friday, January 28, 2005
So, this morning I was on the streetcar with my friend Johnny. Well, he is the roommate of a good friend of mine. Nice guy, real nice. Funny. Anyway, we were riding on the streetcar on our way to our respective jobs, he’s a lawyer, and I … am not. And, we are chatting and he starts to make fun of me because I am literally clutching my travel coffee mug like it’s a bar of gold. He thinks it is funny that I take coffee to work with me, regardless of the fact that every second person on the streetcar has a travel coffee mug. So, I explain that the coffee in the morning helps me get through the commute. I fully admit that when going to work I am in a fowl mood and that the people around me that I find irritating are not actually that bad. Yes, it is true the Opium Tent Woman smells bad and the ADD Tween drives me crazy but it is all made worse by the fact that it is 8:15am. So, as I am telling him about the things that make me crazy for no good reason. I list, among other things ‘couples that for some reason need to neck on the streetcar’, but admit that they are not the problem I am.

Well, I guess I offended the couple sitting in front of me. This unattractive guy and his girlfriend (who must be blind or crazy for buying such an ugly coat), get up to leave and then give me the nastiest look they could muster. And let me say that there is nothing worse than getting a nasty look from someone who is unattractive to begin with. That is a whole lot of ugly.

Thursday, January 27, 2005
I forgot to mention that after my sister and I got back to my place she showed me some of what she has been learning in her stripper aerobics class. All I will say is that there is floor work.

So, last night I went to the Dionne Brand reading at the Gladstone. I have to admit I was skeptical. I have been to several reading and I have never once had to get tickets to go. Also, I have heard her read before and, frankly, her tone often irritates me. But since I got the ticket for Christmas (great gift idea…thanks…) I had to go. No ducking out. The evening started on a sour note. I hate running into people that I wish would hurry up and fall off the face of the earth! Call me immature or call me dramatic, I don’t care, but some people just deserve to be totally ignored. Why waste more time than I already have.

Anyway, the reading was way better than I expected. Brand is also a poet and I hate most poetry, so I was nervous that she was still writing that lyrical prose shit everyone was subjected to in the 90’s. While at university I read another novel of hers ‘In Another Place, Not Here.’ I hated it as the characters were totally indistinguishable from one another, and the storyline was meandering at best. However, what she read from this book sounded really good. Perhaps I’ll pick it up. It got great reviews, too.

So, this morning the TTC was an orgy of inefficiency. Really, it was bad. The College car was packed with people, but that wasn’t the worst of it. It is terribly cold outside and this is the morning the Sherbourne bus decides to totally disregard the schedule. My feet still hurt.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005
So, there’s this woman at the YMCA. She works out at the same time as I do, and I’ll be honest, she scares me to death. Really, she’s terrifying. Anyway, she runs for like an hour on the treadmill and while I am running I can’t help but notice that she often peers at me. It’s off-putting. She is always there before me and the second I walk in the front door there she is. Peering.

Well, this morning I decide to get on the treadmill beside her – it wasn’t really a decision as the other treadmills were taken. Get this, she totally stares me down. I don’t know what I did to this woman, but she doesn’t seem to like me.
At the same time, I could just be imagining it all.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005
So, yesterday the intern (I’ll call her I2 – she interned with us twice) asked me for advice on her love life. Does this seem wise? She obviously has no idea who she is talking to. She actually said “I think you are the only one who can show me the right path.” Is she insane? Still I felt I should at least try to help as I am always up for a good saga. What could I do, leave little I2 floating in the wind? The poor little thing, I2 is caught in a bizarre love triangle. I told her that the only thing she can do is be totally honest and then do her best to avoid any sort of drama. “The drama”, I said to I2 “The drama will get you every time.”

I LOVE the drama, but the drama is bad for me. I am not alone in my love of drama, I am convinced that is why some of the women I know, who are all smart, interesting and complex beings end up getting involved with the people they do. You know, people who have partners, people who have drug problems, people who have serious emotional issues and really need to be in a relationship with a paid professional.

Anyway, I hope poor little I2 takes my advice, even though I probably wouldn’t.

Meanwhile my current favourite intern (I’ll call him ICB) isn’t in the office again today! Now I will have to spend my break time with I2 who, understandably, has a one track mind. Perhaps the production intern (I’ll call him PIJ) will come. Not that I don’t want to hear more about I2’s saga. In fact I love hearing about it, but I think she should not devote so much of her brain to it. I don’t want to be selfish. I2’s problematic love life is not my entertainment. I2’s problematic love life is not my entertainment. I2’s problematic love life is not my entertainment. Poor little I2.

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