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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
So, yesterday the intern (I’ll call her I2 – she interned with us twice) asked me for advice on her love life. Does this seem wise? She obviously has no idea who she is talking to. She actually said “I think you are the only one who can show me the right path.” Is she insane? Still I felt I should at least try to help as I am always up for a good saga. What could I do, leave little I2 floating in the wind? The poor little thing, I2 is caught in a bizarre love triangle. I told her that the only thing she can do is be totally honest and then do her best to avoid any sort of drama. “The drama”, I said to I2 “The drama will get you every time.”

I LOVE the drama, but the drama is bad for me. I am not alone in my love of drama, I am convinced that is why some of the women I know, who are all smart, interesting and complex beings end up getting involved with the people they do. You know, people who have partners, people who have drug problems, people who have serious emotional issues and really need to be in a relationship with a paid professional.

Anyway, I hope poor little I2 takes my advice, even though I probably wouldn’t.

Meanwhile my current favourite intern (I’ll call him ICB) isn’t in the office again today! Now I will have to spend my break time with I2 who, understandably, has a one track mind. Perhaps the production intern (I’ll call him PIJ) will come. Not that I don’t want to hear more about I2’s saga. In fact I love hearing about it, but I think she should not devote so much of her brain to it. I don’t want to be selfish. I2’s problematic love life is not my entertainment. I2’s problematic love life is not my entertainment. I2’s problematic love life is not my entertainment. Poor little I2.


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