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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
So, I am working from home today and I just saw a commercial for Dove. OK, I saw the commercial last night too. It was for their contest for hair. Basically you send them a picture of your hair and then if you win you go into their hair “magazine”* Now, I obviously think this contest is tailor made for me. Anyone who knows me will know that I have one major vanity (and several minor ones). I truly believe that I have a spectacular head of hair. Seriously, it is beautiful. The problem with me entering this contest is that I would never let a Dove product anywhere near my hair. No way! I have very specific product tastes and Dove simply does not make the grade.

However, vanity can make you do crazy things. I read the rules and if you win (and in my brain I would be the winner, hands down) you would have to agree to rep the product somewhat, and that would make me a liar. Interestingly, I didn’t see anything in the rules that would require you to actually use the products. You have to write an essay and you have to believe in the Dove philosophy. But, you don’t have to actually use Dove.

Anyway, no Dove contest for me. My hair will exist only for the enjoyment of people around me. Also, I am not as deluded as most of the American Idol contestants.

*I put magazine in quotation marks because it is purely an advertising piece for Dove but they call it a magazine so that stupid people will not realize they have just picked up a bunch of advertising and thereby take the material is as if it is informative editorial. I used to think that these things don’t really work until one day when this young woman told me that her favourite magazine was “Glow” which is purely advertising for Shoppers Drug Mart. She honestly couldn’t tell the difference between marketing

*** Little Mosque Update ***

I have changed my mind about the show a bit. I watched another episode on the internet, and found it endearing. One of the charaters was upset because his wife was dead and his daughter started her period and she was supposed to have her wear her veil. It was done really well. Good on the CBC!

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