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Saturday, January 08, 2005
So, I've been indoors all day long and I have to say that it is pretty sweet. I spent some quality time with a pot of coffee, a couple friends and GRC (Greatest Roommate in Creation - who, by the way, just saved my tea from becoming over-steeped and undrinkable). Then I dedicated about 3.5 hours to my hair and a very exciting new hair product (I won't get into the details, but I will say you need a hot towel, a raw egg and 20 minutes). Then GRC got irritated because I talked about my hair all day long.

Now, I have to haul myself up so that I can get myself dressed. A friend of mine is making lasanga. We should bring a bottle of wine but I only have this really nice and expensive bottle. What is the ettiquite here? If it was a fancy dinner planned in advance I'd bring the bottle for sure. Since the dinner is a last minute thing, it really only calls for something from the wine rack in Dufferin Mall. On the other hand, what am I saving it for? If I really like the wine I can just pick up another bottle from the LCBO. I don't know what to do. I think I am just being cheap. Shame on me. I'll bring the wine.

Friday, January 07, 2005
So, for 2005 I seem to have the ability to ALWAYS be 30 seconds too late for any form of public transportation I need to catch. It is beginning to drive me crazy. Really, I am going to work so I should welcome the delay but it is irritating.

This morning there was an extra special guy on the streetcar. He sat down a few seats in front of me and proceeded to pick at his face all the way to Yonge St. He started with his nose, moved to his ears and then picked at sundry scabs and bumps for a good 15 minutes. Lovely. I can't help but stare while the people around him concentrate on the floor.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005
I think it's enough that leg warmers came back into fashion and that people wear mullets ironically. I thought the re-birth of the 80's would be limited to that. However, yesterday, I noticed more than one woman with blue eye shadow. Why is this necessary? It just looks bad, and not in a fun Cindy Lauper way. It looks bad in an out-of-date office chick way. Like the kind of woman who still wears ruffles on their collars and does their bangs like they have a claw on their forehead. Please, somebody - anybody stop this insanity before we are all forced to buy tapered acid wash jeans.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Is everyone else working tomorrow, because I'm not. It seems that a lot of my friends have to go into the office tomorrow because they got nye off or some other day and companies are saying that nye - or whatever - is in lie of tomorrow. I have to say that I am REAL happy that my office is closed until Tuesday. I need the day to decompress. Well, to be honest I have been decompressing for a few days. It is nice to take it easy over the holiday season.

Tonight I watched so much TV it is embarrassing. First I watched my DVD of Four Weddings and a Funeral. It ranks as one of the very few romance comedies that I like. I probably like it because someone dies. Then I watched my Big Fat Greek Wedding. I saw it in the theatre and thought it was really funny. But upon second viewing, it is actually really crappy. Not just because it is a romance comedy. My roommate always hated it, so now she can make fun of me as she was right all along. It's a piece of crap. Perhaps I liked it so much because of John Corbett. I loved him as Chris in the morning on Northern Exposure (I loved him almost as much as I loved Dr. Joel Fleishman).

Then I watched the second half of Dynasty: the making of a guilty pleasure. Good good stuff. So good and cheesy. They did cheesy right. I totally forgot that the woman who played Crystal Carrington ended up marrying Yanni. Theirs is a love that will last a lifetime - unless they are already divorced. It was funny because the movie sort of tied the sinking of the show to the tanking of the US economy during the Regan era. Well, the Regan era and the ridiculous plot lines. I was kinda disappointed that I just didn't watch the whole movie. They talked a lot about their ratings war with Dallas. I wonder if JR getting shot caused a spike in Dallas ratings forcing Dynasty to really go over the top. They didn't mention the other shows like On Flamingo Road or Knots Landing. Perhaps they did in the first half.

Due to my orgy of bad TV my roommate refused to watch TV with me. It is a good thing too because she has a lot of marking to do. I think she should thank me for making the TV room such an inhospitable place. Now, some innocent university student will get their papers back that much faster. I am a good roommate.

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