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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
So, my resolution to consume less wine at professional evens has failed. On Monday night a collection of people from my industry got together to talk about how great, challenging and interesting we are. We were also celebrating those of us who got nominated for some industry awards, the gala to announce the winners will follow in June (and yes, last year at said Gala I had too much wine and ended up singing to my panicotta in the bar line up while some snooty gold medal winners from Toro Magazine – I think – starred at me with disgust. Little do they know, one day I shall crush them. Plus, it wasn’t my fault. My bosses gave me several drink tickets. It was like getting drunk was part of my job.). Predictably, Aldo, the guy from a wine magazine, and I had about a million glasses of red wine. Then my boss showed up and well, it went down hill from there. We are going to be known as the staff that is ALWAYS the last to leave the party.

See, I should have gone home, but no, I decide to come back to the office to do some work, make some long distance phone calls and harass the copy editor and art director who were there finishing the issue. Armed with flowers that the event organizers gave us – yes, we really were the LAST people there – we stumbled into the office laughing. Once I got into the office and realized that perhaps we should have just gone home, I did my best to stay out of the way. I must have done a good job because the copy editor invited me to her place where she made me an awesome pasta dinner. You know what else was good? The wine we had with it. It made for a very painful Tuesday morning.

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