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Friday, January 14, 2005
What is wrong with full grown adults on the TTC who insist on smacking their lips while chewing gum? That's gross. Were they taught to chew gum by an obnoxious grade 5 student? How could they not know that they sound absolutely disgusting? If the chewer is sufficiently gross, are we, as other streetcar passengers allowed to turn around and say "Excuse me but you are really grossing me out, please start chewing gum like an adult." Well, we'd probably get punched. But, honestly, I can't think they would be surprised to hear that their chewing was gross. The whole streetcar can hear them, come on now.

Anyway, the streetcar was packed this morning. I caught the street car that comes right after a totally empty one. We were body to body. The good news is that Opium Tent has either changed her retro fragrance or has stopped wearing perfume all together. I think the real test, however, will be the spring when she is wearing less layers. Keep your fingers crossed.

The bad news is that the most irritating Tween on earth got on the streetcar with me and for the first 10 minutes or so wouldn't leave me alone. I ignored her and she finally walked away. She won’t be offended, I think her A.D.D. prevents her for picking up social cues. Is it wrong to ignore a 12 year old with A.D.D.? I hope not, because that is exactly what I did. Well, since every 12 year old and their brother has A.D.D. these days, I am sure there is some A.D.D. stricken kid being ignored right now. I wish I had more patience for these kinds of situations, but it was early and I hadn't finished my coffee.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Lately, do to the ridiculous and deadly weather GRC and I have been talking about various disaster and apocalypse movies like Day After Tomorrow. These conversations have, of course, slipped into my subconscious and I, predictably, had a dream about it last night.

In my dream, I was at home and relaxing when something happened, I am not sure what, that wiped out most of the world's population and destroyed the ecosphere. Whatever it was, it was self inflicted - it wasn't the weather or aliens or war - and it was pollution related.

The world had very little water left and very little other natural renewable and non-renewable resources. It was an environmental Armageddon.

Even though there was widespread death and destruction everywhere everyone I cared about lived. Not only did my family live, they moved in with me along with a few friends.

We had to live under cramped conditions and one thing I really remember was that we could only bathe with a Tupperware container full of luke-warm water and a wash cloth.

A few weeks into the crisis, more and more people vanished. Then this old friend of mine hit on me - possibly because I was one of the few remaining women on earth.

This is where the dream takes a strange turn. Some people who were part of the U.S. Army had done the math and decided that with the earth's current state, it can only support, a certain amount of people. Exactly 9,050 less than the earth had on it at that moment. So, they decide that the only answer is to "eliminate" the extra people.

This part of the dream was really scary. There was this really scary army guy with these super binoculars that could see the whole world through and you could hear everyone's conversations. You could hear the whole world through them. I could see him because I was hiding in the bushes and the other people around him will all wearing army gear and had these big guns and a large metal trunk full of American money. Then one of the soldiers stole some of the money out of the trunk and I saw her do it. Then she saw me and knew that I saw her.

This is where I woke up, thankfully. I was very scared.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005
I knew I was talking to a classy man when he introduced himself as "Huggy". Since no parent in their right mind would put "Huggy" on a birth certificate, you have to wonder how one gets a nick name like "Huggy".

I met “Huggy” at a local clothing store I shop at. I really like the owner, Alexia, she's cool. She and I were chatting about this sweater I wanted to try on, and the one I was there to return. "Huggy" then noticed the sweater I was returning on a mannequin, remarked at how nice it was and asked why I didn't want it. So I told him that it just felt funny on me.

This is where things spiraled out of control. He asks why, so I say, the pocket on the front was uncomfortable. Because "Huggy" looked confused, Alexia says, "well, she has big boobs."

Why did this happen? Why would she say that? I guess they both work in the fashion industry and this guy, this "Huggy", is accustomed to talking about women's clothes and how they fit and why something would be ill-fitting, but really Alexia did not need to tell "Huggy" why this sweater did not look right.

So, then "Huggy" looks at me and says ... wait for it ...he says, "Oh, so you gots tig bitties, huh?" That's when I left, a good 45 seconds too late.

Last night GRC and I were chatting and we agree: when you skip the gym for a week - or more - the first workout back is REAL difficult. Not only did I do very little at the gym over the Christmas holidays, I didn't go to capoeira (mostly, not my fault, I only missed one class January 2nd - OK two classes Jan 2nd and Jan 5th). Now I am still sore from Sunday's class, and I had very little steam to make it through my 30 minute treadmil journey yesterday morning. Also, because I was up so early, I had to have an extra special amount of coffee yesterday. This interrupted my sleeping last night. Now I am tired again and because of that made a very poor choice of oatmeal. It is too sweet and now I feel kinda sick.

If only I had gone to the gym more over the holidays, none of this would have happened.

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