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Friday, January 14, 2005
What is wrong with full grown adults on the TTC who insist on smacking their lips while chewing gum? That's gross. Were they taught to chew gum by an obnoxious grade 5 student? How could they not know that they sound absolutely disgusting? If the chewer is sufficiently gross, are we, as other streetcar passengers allowed to turn around and say "Excuse me but you are really grossing me out, please start chewing gum like an adult." Well, we'd probably get punched. But, honestly, I can't think they would be surprised to hear that their chewing was gross. The whole streetcar can hear them, come on now.

Anyway, the streetcar was packed this morning. I caught the street car that comes right after a totally empty one. We were body to body. The good news is that Opium Tent has either changed her retro fragrance or has stopped wearing perfume all together. I think the real test, however, will be the spring when she is wearing less layers. Keep your fingers crossed.

The bad news is that the most irritating Tween on earth got on the streetcar with me and for the first 10 minutes or so wouldn't leave me alone. I ignored her and she finally walked away. She won’t be offended, I think her A.D.D. prevents her for picking up social cues. Is it wrong to ignore a 12 year old with A.D.D.? I hope not, because that is exactly what I did. Well, since every 12 year old and their brother has A.D.D. these days, I am sure there is some A.D.D. stricken kid being ignored right now. I wish I had more patience for these kinds of situations, but it was early and I hadn't finished my coffee.


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