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Friday, February 04, 2005
I have found a second banana. It's in the back of the fridge, on the bottom. The original counter banana has dissappeared (I'm sure the Banana is missed by it's good friend, Dried Up Fetticcini). Anyway, this banana is all shriveled up and cold. I have thrown out everything in the frigde, but I don't want to touch the banana. I wonder how long it has been there?

Today I overheard this conversation between my boss and my co-worker:
Boss: "I am upset because we have no pictures of black people."
Co-worker: "We have those Cuban kids."
Boss: "Well, they're mulato."

Mulato - who uses that word? I laughed out loud.

Apparently, because those children have a black parent and a white parent they are magically a whole new breed. The Mulato breed.

Now, my boss and I are in a disagreement about the term. He, for some reason, thinks that it is still acceptable for conversation. I think it is antiquated. His argument, to trump mine, was "My mulato friend uses the term 'mulato'." The weakness in that argument is obvious as millions of black people say 'negro' or other words that are unacceptable for conversation or publication.

I just said that I thought it was an antiquated term. In fact, I am sure of it. There is no way anyone would be permitted to describe someone as 'mulato'. Imagine a report on the CBC "Mulato children are finding it difficult to adapt to Canadian society." Or "New poll shows Mulatos moving to the suburbs in record numbers." Come on now.

Is it too much to ask that my boss update his vocabulary? The man is only 35, where the hell has he been?

Thursday, February 03, 2005
The banana is still on the counter. It's a little darker today than it was yesterday. I am beginning to wonder if it is some sort of GM hybrid banana as when I poked it, it was pretty hard. Hard like wood. I wonder if a banana, when refrigerated for more than a month, rots in a different way. This is like my grade 6 science project.

If it is a GM hybrid banana, this could be some sort of comment on the current state of food - like when we all found out that twinkies and apples from McDonalds never actually rot.

In actuality, I am more concerned about the current state of the office kitchen. It's disgusting in general, so the banana should not surprise me. You know what did surprise me, yesterday afternoon I noticed that someone took the green gum out of their mouth and then stuck it to the cream coloured cupboard door. Why? Why would anyone do that? I work in a building full of adults, and someone did that. Imagine.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005
Let me tell you about a rotten banana. For some reason my boss put a banana in the office fridge about a month ago. He has since moved that banana to the office kitchen counter. the banana is black and the whole kitchen smells of rotting banana. The garbage is literally 1 foot away from the counter. Why leave the banana on the counter? Why?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005
I hate being sick. I was knocked down by the flu on the weekend. It is a terrible disease. I hope no one ever gets it. The last time I had it was February 1997. This time it didn't last as long, but oh my god was it terrible. I hate sitting around doing nothing. I mean in the abstract, it is pretty nice, but I think the body gets tired of just lounging. Also, I realized that I need the following to get through the day

a sense of accomplishment
cute boys to look at

Since I was sick, I had to abstain from coffee - it is a good thing I was at home.
I had lost my appetite, it is not fully back, but I still plan to get wonton soup from Cafe Asia with my favourite intern ICB
I did finish 2 knitting projects, but that simply isn't enough
I almost died from the lack of cute boys, then Jonny Depp made an appearance on Oprah - that was a close one.

Now I am back in the office. I have a love hate relationship with my job, and it is mostly love. However, this morning my boss walked into the office and didn't even say 'hi'. I'm sitting here hacking my lungs up and I don't even get a nod. Meanwhile, I have clients and other people calling to see how I am. I could drop dead tomorrow and this guy, wouldn't make time in his schedule to offer my mother condolences.

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