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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
I hate being sick. I was knocked down by the flu on the weekend. It is a terrible disease. I hope no one ever gets it. The last time I had it was February 1997. This time it didn't last as long, but oh my god was it terrible. I hate sitting around doing nothing. I mean in the abstract, it is pretty nice, but I think the body gets tired of just lounging. Also, I realized that I need the following to get through the day

a sense of accomplishment
cute boys to look at

Since I was sick, I had to abstain from coffee - it is a good thing I was at home.
I had lost my appetite, it is not fully back, but I still plan to get wonton soup from Cafe Asia with my favourite intern ICB
I did finish 2 knitting projects, but that simply isn't enough
I almost died from the lack of cute boys, then Jonny Depp made an appearance on Oprah - that was a close one.

Now I am back in the office. I have a love hate relationship with my job, and it is mostly love. However, this morning my boss walked into the office and didn't even say 'hi'. I'm sitting here hacking my lungs up and I don't even get a nod. Meanwhile, I have clients and other people calling to see how I am. I could drop dead tomorrow and this guy, wouldn't make time in his schedule to offer my mother condolences.


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