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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
I knew I was talking to a classy man when he introduced himself as "Huggy". Since no parent in their right mind would put "Huggy" on a birth certificate, you have to wonder how one gets a nick name like "Huggy".

I met “Huggy” at a local clothing store I shop at. I really like the owner, Alexia, she's cool. She and I were chatting about this sweater I wanted to try on, and the one I was there to return. "Huggy" then noticed the sweater I was returning on a mannequin, remarked at how nice it was and asked why I didn't want it. So I told him that it just felt funny on me.

This is where things spiraled out of control. He asks why, so I say, the pocket on the front was uncomfortable. Because "Huggy" looked confused, Alexia says, "well, she has big boobs."

Why did this happen? Why would she say that? I guess they both work in the fashion industry and this guy, this "Huggy", is accustomed to talking about women's clothes and how they fit and why something would be ill-fitting, but really Alexia did not need to tell "Huggy" why this sweater did not look right.

So, then "Huggy" looks at me and says ... wait for it ...he says, "Oh, so you gots tig bitties, huh?" That's when I left, a good 45 seconds too late.


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