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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Last night GRC and I were chatting and we agree: when you skip the gym for a week - or more - the first workout back is REAL difficult. Not only did I do very little at the gym over the Christmas holidays, I didn't go to capoeira (mostly, not my fault, I only missed one class January 2nd - OK two classes Jan 2nd and Jan 5th). Now I am still sore from Sunday's class, and I had very little steam to make it through my 30 minute treadmil journey yesterday morning. Also, because I was up so early, I had to have an extra special amount of coffee yesterday. This interrupted my sleeping last night. Now I am tired again and because of that made a very poor choice of oatmeal. It is too sweet and now I feel kinda sick.

If only I had gone to the gym more over the holidays, none of this would have happened.


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