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Friday, January 28, 2005
So, this morning I was on the streetcar with my friend Johnny. Well, he is the roommate of a good friend of mine. Nice guy, real nice. Funny. Anyway, we were riding on the streetcar on our way to our respective jobs, he’s a lawyer, and I … am not. And, we are chatting and he starts to make fun of me because I am literally clutching my travel coffee mug like it’s a bar of gold. He thinks it is funny that I take coffee to work with me, regardless of the fact that every second person on the streetcar has a travel coffee mug. So, I explain that the coffee in the morning helps me get through the commute. I fully admit that when going to work I am in a fowl mood and that the people around me that I find irritating are not actually that bad. Yes, it is true the Opium Tent Woman smells bad and the ADD Tween drives me crazy but it is all made worse by the fact that it is 8:15am. So, as I am telling him about the things that make me crazy for no good reason. I list, among other things ‘couples that for some reason need to neck on the streetcar’, but admit that they are not the problem I am.

Well, I guess I offended the couple sitting in front of me. This unattractive guy and his girlfriend (who must be blind or crazy for buying such an ugly coat), get up to leave and then give me the nastiest look they could muster. And let me say that there is nothing worse than getting a nasty look from someone who is unattractive to begin with. That is a whole lot of ugly.


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