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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
So, here I am in my new office, new surroundings, new city, new co-workers. Wait a minute, the fact that I have co-workers at all is pretty amazing. I already really like my co-workers and I think they are liking me.

Two days before I was supposed to move I had the honour of getting food poisoning. It was my fault really. I don’t think anyone really needs a curry and roti in 33 degree heat, but I just had to have it. The muggy restaurant and the over heated employee should have given me a hint. I mean really, who doesn’t have air conditioning? The small man behind the counter took my order while the back of his left hand wiped the sweat away from his brow. I said “Spinach, chick pea and chicken.” He smiled and half dragged his right leg to the back where he prepared my meal. I finished the whole thing and my stomach already a bit topsy-turvey with nerves took it’s revenge on me starting at 3am and continuing every 40 minutes until I was left half crying and trembling and the cold bathroom floor.

This was the state I was in when I received the call that would change the course of the next two days. At 2:00pm on Thursday I was face down on my dismantled bed covered only by a thin sheet keeping company with the cat who would most likely have been there regardless of my condition, but I like to think he was worried about me. That was when I was told that the person who was going to drive the cargo van at 9:00am on Friday was now unavailable. I hung up the phone, pulled myself out of bed and after a frantic internet search and a lot of tears, I had to hire a moving company – who showed up a day late – and buy a train ticket. When all was said and done, I paid about $1200.00 to move, at least the mover was cute.

So, the actual act of moving went pretty smoothly. Anyway, I’m here now.

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