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Friday, December 17, 2004
Ah The Streetcar
So, this morning as the Streetcar slid into the College/Dovercourt stop I saw the Opium Tent get ready to board. While my coffee makes her bearable, her stench still bothers me. Especially when walks by because she leaves a cloud of smell behind her. However, today, she walked by and so smell. That made me pretty happy. Did someone tell her? Did she run out of her retro fragrance? Does it really matter? The point is she didn't make me sick or give me a headache. It may be a Christmas miracle.

Then, this angry woman got on a few minutes later. She stood right beside me and looked MAD. She was also wearing too much perfume, but at least it wasn't an Elizabeth Taylor special still available at The Bay. Boy did she look angry. I almost told her that she should try bring a coffee with her in the morning. It worked for me!


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