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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Big boobs good: big ankles bad
So, last night I read a blog about breast implants. The blog belongs to this guy I know. Go read it:, Oh I hope that doesn’t violate any blogging rules (if so, apologies to the blog people and to the owner of the blog). Anyway, it was pretty interesting because he watched this show about these two sisters who decided to get implants because they want to get into Playboy. Spectacular. Apparently the women were about as smart as a bag of hammers and didn’t seem to understand that while large breasts are necessary for Playboy, they are not sufficient.

I just want to say this it is too bad the show was produced at all. That’s not really balanced reporting. You can’t have an honest discussion about plastic surgery when your subjects are idiots. Mind you, I didn’t see the show, but there are a lot of programs or articles that are about stupid women getting plastic surgery in general or breast implants specifically. I see that as adding insult to injury. Also, perhaps I am being oversensitive, but shows like that really forward the stereotype of the stupid large breasted woman. If you are stupid and have small breasts, you can have surgery and join your large breasted sisters.

That show seems to really have been about two completely irrational people (I wonder if the producers paid for the surgery). There are a lot of irrational people in this world. I knew this one woman who was convinced that she had fat ankles and if she got liposuction on her ankles (which, by the way, she was saving up for) her life would get better. Imagine the source of her unhappiness was thick ankles.

On a completely different note, I was a special kind of late this morning. I woke up at like 10 past 8. Generally, I don’t set an alarm. I just know I have to wake up at about 7:30. Well, I opened my eyes at 7am, went back to sleep then woke up at 8:10am. Oops.


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