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Monday, December 13, 2004
Another Mondy
I just had a super tasty chicken curry for lunch. Well, I am biased because I made it. I was raised on curry, so it flows through my veins. I made it last night, and I think it's better today. A friend of mine has a theory of cooking. He says when you stand over a pot cooking you don't fully enjoy the food you made because you have been smelling it for too long. Good theory.

Speaking of curry, I met this woman in the No Frills. A fellow Guyanese woman. She mentioned that she makes roti to sell. Well, I got all excited because I have been looking for a roti woman for a while now. She was going to call my cell from her cell to give me her phone number so I could buy some roti. You know the woman didn't call. I guess there will be no roti for me.

On the weekend, someone asked me the most hated question of the holiday season: What are you doing for New Years? I have no answers for that.


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