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Thursday, March 24, 2005
So, yesterday I left work early. That was great, but I wasn’t feeling 100% and it put a damper on being out of the office at 2:45pm. I went home and had to get food for the fat bastard, Oscar. I also had to do some laundry. Check me out, I took my clothes to the laundry mat, and put them in the wash. Then I walked over to the new No Frills to buy the cat food (Iams has a number of different varieties. I think that should have one that says “Old, Fat, Hairy Bastard”. I buy that in a second). As boys had me down yesterday I also picked up a bag of cookies – I later had 6 cookies and a cream-sickle for dinner.

Then I walked back to the laundry mat where I was entertained buy a singing crazy man and this FANTASTIC Portuguese soap opera called Mujeres Apaxionadas – which means “Women in Love”. I don’t think it is based on the D.H. Lawrence novel, unless the D.H. Lawrence novel’s main theme is the search for ideal love. I’ve only read part of that novel, but I think it is more about loins and lusting – anyway. The soap was great and may overtake Terra Speranza as my favourite soap opera. Although, I will never be able to see Mujeres Apaxionadas, as I will be at work. Terra Speranza is totally accessible to me. Well accessible in that it is on in the evening. I don’t speak or understand Portuguese, but I think that soap operas have a universal language.

I hope to learn Portuguese. Perhaps the soaps can help me. Although, I will always sound very dramatic. “I love this sandwich. It was all I ever wanted for lunch.”

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