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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
So, I go to a particular lingerie store when I want a new bra. It's on Bloor St. and I love it. The only thing is that the bras aren't cheap, but I really don't have a choice because I have tried to find bras at The Bay, La Senza and various other stores, but no luck. As a result, I always go to Secrets From Your Sister. They sell a good bra. I am even on their list to call when certain bras come in so that I can see if I like them. Recently, although, I discovered that I am the exact same size as the sales girl's sister. So, it is often a competition for who gets there first.
Well, I went to pick up a new bra yesterday. The store I go to had it on back order. I am pleased to say that the bra is perfect. While at the store I looked around a bit and saw the matching panties to the bra I bought about a week ago. They are these pretty pink lace panties. Just beautiful. Anyway, I was looking at them and the sales lady says: "We don't normally carry those because they are just too expensive."
"How expensive could they be?" I asked.
She pulled them down off the rack and showed them to me. $63.00. Call me cheap, but that is a lot of money to pay for panties. You can only wear them once then you have to wash them.
The most I have ever paid for panties was $20.70 and I really really really liked them. I mean really.

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