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Saturday, March 26, 2005

So, I'm sitting here wondering what to do this evening. I have a couple options. They're really exciting. Are you ready for them? I could go to a party - the only party I know of happening this evening. Or, I could stay home and watch TV. The party may be filled with drumming circle people, so, I'm taking a risk here. However, I just looked at the TV listings and it looks like I have a choice between Laura Ingles Wilder's Little House on the Prairie or Zoe Busack, Wildcard. We have no movies at home and I don't want to read all night.

Perhaps I will go out to the party. I figure if there really is a lot of drumming I can always leave. I can leave and come home in time to watch My Fair Lady. I really dislike drumming circle people. A while ago I was at this party and there was a DJ doing his best. I was liking the music. But, the drumming circle people would NOT stop drumming, and guess what, half of them have no ability to drum. Anyway, they kept pounding away irritating the heck out of those of us who wanted to listen or dance to real music. Then, and this killed me, one of the drumming chicks asked the DJ to stop playing so that they could drum uninterrupted. That is when I left.

Really, drumming circle people are the bain of my existence!


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