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Friday, March 25, 2005
So, you'd think now that I am almost 30 I can hold my drink like an adult. Well, last night proved me wrong. It also proved that I have no ability to have more than two drinks and act my age. I went to a party last night, but before hand, I had a couple drinks with my friends at home. Then, I had the genuis idea to mix a vodka and soda and drink it on the way. Smart. Do grown-ups do that? Then, my friend Lucia decided that it would be a great idea to do shots of jaggermeister at the bar. Excellent plan. Naturally, we followed that up with yet another vokda soda. Then, just to put a fine point on the evening, this guy bought me a beer - because that is what I needed, a beer. That guy got angry with me later on because I wouldn't make-out with him. We actually had a fight about it. Also, I gave a woman a make -over in the bathroom. Then I tried to get one of the DJs to dance with me. Then, I yelled at the bouncer because - here's a shocker - my drunken ass and my similarily intoxicated friends were the last to leave and I just wanted him to give me a minute. Now, that's class. My mom would be so proud of me. Thankfully, I don't do this very often. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I had that much to drink. Not that I can't remember. I mean, it was just so long ago.

Party on.

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