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Thursday, December 09, 2004
All Is Not Lost
The great tragedy of last night was that I totally forgot to bring home my travel coffee mug home from the office. As I mentioned in my last post, coffee is pretty integral to my survival on the TTC, rather the survival of others on the TTC. When I got home, almost beside myself with grief, my roommate - clearly the best roommate in all of creation - told me I could use her coffee mug. So, I did and boy did I enjoy the streetcar ride this morning. I successfully ignored the irritating tween from the YMCA and was actually amused at the man who was brushing is teeth with what looked like an electric toothbrush at the corner of College and Spadina. He wasn't even homeless, he had a brief case and was clearly on the way to work.
The one thing that is clearly lost is my bosses mind. He has been sick for a few days - since Monday morning with the stomach flu. He has neither a license to practice medicine nor an advanced degree in infectious diseases, however through extensive internet research he had diagnosed himself with the norwalk (however you spell it). He had the shellfish that gives you the norwalk on Saturday at a dinner party, but is the only one from that party who developed the illness. Fine he has norwalk. However, he has also decided that while norwalk is highly contagious, his particular case is not. He told me as much "I don't think I am contagious, though." That's a bold statement, Doctor. This is the same man who decided he had pneumonia a few months back. Then he tells me that he wants me to bring some work over to his house. That's real funny because I am not going within 20 feet of him.


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