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Friday, December 31, 2004
I don't get it. I spent all evening tired and all I wanted to do was get to bed. After CSI I tried to sleep but no luck. Now I am awake - WIDE awake. Perhaps it is because I am hung-over, my body chemistry is all out of whack. Last night I went to this ridiculous party where I got very drunk. Thankfully, my friend VK has the patience of a martyr and stayed with me until the end enduring my inane ramblings and scattered brain. How does he put up with that?

Today I broke one of my holiday hangover rules. I went to the Dufferin Mall. I immediately felt sick to my stomach and broke out in a cold sweat. Then I started to shake a little. I call this Mall Repulsion Syndrome or MRS for short. I generally get MRS when at The Eaton Centre and Yorkdale. MRS reaches it's extreme form in two cases. One, if I am hung-over; and two, if the mall I am in is the Pickering Town Centre. Thank goodness I am never hung-over at the Pickering Town Centre, I'd have to be hospitalized.


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