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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Mystic Muffin
So, I just went for lunch at this place called Mystic Muffin at the corner of Richmond and Jarvis. There is a sign outside that reads “Open for 11 years over 115 billion served”. The owner is, hands down, the best salesman I have ever met. I forget his name but he introduced himself as the owner, president and CEO of Mystic Muffin. Then he asked me if I had ever been served by the Owner, President and CEO of Tim Horton’s. Well, the answer to that is no. He kicks into this speal about the “I Can’t Wait” special. It’s called that because it is so good, you can’t wait until it’s Tuesday (the special is also up on Friday). I wasn’t into that so he started talkin’ up his falafel. I got a fresh pit from the brand new bag – extra special spice. Before I know what I had done I spend 8 bucks. I went in for a falafel and a came out with a falafel, a bottle of water, a piece of apple cake and a banana loaf. AND, I promised him I’d go back tomorrow.

I told him I work for a travel magazine and he suggested that he write a feature for us. So, he’s got that goin’ too. Talk about a hustler.

It’s good apple cake.


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