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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Wednesday Morning
Today started out a little strange. The phone rang before 8am. I assumed it was my mother or auntie Sharon. I picked up the phone real fast so it wouldn't wake my roommate. It was neither mom, nor auntie Sharon. It was this Portugese man who could say maybe 8 or 9 English words, they were as follows "paint", "morning", "today", "you", "hello", "sorry" ,"I" "number" - not necessairily in that order. He also kept saying my landlord's name "Dina Dina Dina". So, after I woke up my roommate and put her on the phone, I continued to get ready to go to work. Her 8am Portugese is, I guess, much better than mine as she came downstairs to tell me that there is a guy coming to paint our deck. I hope he paints it pink, but that is probably not going to happen.
I sure am happy that the College Streetcar is no longer diverted! Now it's all back to normal. That is, long waits between streetcars, spontaneous short turns and my favourite the irritating over-zealous driver who talk way too much into the intercom and hold up the streetcar to lecture some 8-year-old because he doesn't have his student ID. I have to say, although since I changed my morning routine the TTC is MUCH more bareable. Now, I make coffee at home and bring it with me. It makes the morning so nice. Now I don't get so angry at stupid people asking the driver stupid questions and even when this woman who wears too much perfume gets on (she actually still wears Opium - that stuff didn't smell good in 1989, it certainly doesn't smell good now), I call her The Opium Tent, I am not immediatly irritated. Coffee is like my perkaset.
Tonight I go to my capoeira class where I get to spend time with this super hot guy. It's real special now that one of my drunk friends ran into him at a bar and told him I think he is hot, it makes for an interesting relationship. Good times.
Just 7 hours and 42 minutes and I'm outta here.


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