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Saturday, January 01, 2005

New years day. I'm pooped and it is not a hang-over. I am happy to say that my new year's eve was a lot of fun and without excessive binge drinking. As a result - I am hangover free. I am pretty tired. So tired, that I am skipping a family party. I did manage to go see The Life Aquatic (slow first half but gets pretty funny. Wes Anderson is heavy handed with his style in this one and it kinda makes the movie wooden. I did like all the David Bowie songs translated into Portuguese and performed by that Brazilian guy. Also, little Wes may have had a troubled relationship with his father. These are issues that he seems to wear on his sleeve in this movie and The Royal Tannenbaums). Anyway, my sister just called and tried to make me feel guilty about not going today. Really, I am impervious to guilt. It is a useless emotion. Guilt allows people to continue to act like jerks but still feel good about themselves because they feel bad about being a jerk, so they can say that they are not really jerks even if they always act like one when really, they are just jerks, but I digress. Also, it is pretty obvious that she is pissed because she had to go.

So my new year's resolution: To do the exact opposite of what is expected of me at key moments.

I have been taking a lot of ribbing on this one. People keep saying things like: "I don't expect you to give me a million dollars." genius. My roommate wants concrete examples. However, I don't really have any. What I mean is that when I am called to react to something or make a decision, I will think about what I always do and do something different. Let's see what happens, shall we. Probably nothing will happen.

As an extensive relaxation plan, tonight I will watch Elephant with my roommate and also do a full-on face wash, scrub and cleansing clay mask. Time to relax.


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