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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Great news! I have just added to the list of embarrassing things that have happened to me in 2005. The first really embarrassing thing was when I tried to give a friend of mine a kiss on the cheek. Well, he's a friend in that I think he's really good looking. Anyway, the hug was awkward and I ended up kissing him on the neck. Great.

Well, today one of the writers came into the office. I hadn't seen him since last year so we did the regular double cheek kiss. This is always normal for him though because he is European - well, English but whatever. Anyway, on his way out I was sitting at my desk and he came to give me yet another kiss. This time, totally unexpectedly and by accident, we kissed on the lips. That's special.

How's that for a comfortable work environment.

On the up side, I've averaged a kiss a month so far this year!

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