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Thursday, February 17, 2005
I'm in a tough spot here. On Sundays and Wednesdays I take capueira. It's a fantastic workout and it has that element of violence I really like. I mean it's too bad that you can't actually hit anyone, but still it's pretty good.

Anyway, I'm in a tough spot because a friend of mine from class (well, we aren't really 'friends' per se, we chat in class and then sometimes she drives me home, but only because she has to go right past my house) wears these pants that look very comfortable for the sport, however they have a problem. They are totally see through when she bends over. And, since we are constantly bending over, I've seen her butt like a million times.

So, what should I do here? Should I tell her that her pants just aren't doing the job they are supposed to do? I noticed the problem about 2 months ago. And, since she ALWAYS wears those pants she must be constantly washing them. So, the problem will just get worse. Perhaps I should tell her. But, she may just get embarrassed. Do I tell her before or after class?

What are my obligations to her as we are essentially gym friends? This is like something right out of that game Scruples.

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