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Friday, February 25, 2005
It's almost midnight and I am sitting here in front of the computer and I really should just be asleep. I have been trapped at a trade show since yesterday afternoon and the mass of humanity has only made me tired. Why do trade shows exist? I mean really. I don't want to talk to the public or the people in the neighbouring booth. And the guys from Quebec tourism will not leave me alone. Am I supposed to believe that the people who wander by a display that highlights the active oppertunites in The Bahamas are really going to be inspired, just by that display, to travel there? If you are at a show and you stop at the Bahamas display, chances are you are one step away from buying the ticket anyway and you have an afternoon to kill.

The trade show, is a bit of a sham, I think. It is good for magazines and those people who sell shammies and dried meat, but I don't think it is so good for a lot of the companies that have displays. And if you happen to be trapped in one and really need a glass of water, be prepaired to shell out 3 bucks for a bottle. I say, instead of going to a trade show, get brochures from your travel agent and hit the flea market. Its the exact same experience but without the bad lighting.

Anyway, I am supposed to be working on my resume, but really there is no rush. It was all I could think about during the show and now it is clear that I thought about my resume in an attempt to numb myself to the harsh lighting, dull roar of the crowd and the annoyance of event staff. But, I am going to bed now, I gotta be fresh for the show tomorrow.

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