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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
So, last night I was watching the CBC. They have this-three part show called Sin City or Sinful Cities or whatever. Generally, I love televised documentaries. I can't rip myself away. There is something about the tone of the voice over, mixed with the flashing of historical footage, and complimented by bits of information history would rather we forgot that just lulls me into an immobile mass on the couch.
Anyway, last week the show was on Paris. I only watched part of it because 1. everyone knows that Paris was a den of debauchery - Henry Miller lived there, he's a famous pervert, and 2. it was still the national auditions for American Idol and people were still making fools of themselves on TV.

Well, this week they did Berlin, and I don't really know a lot about Berlin and the American Idol auditions are now in the second round so it's boring. Berliners in the 1920's were filthy! I was shocked to find out that they had a special street for pregnant prostitutes and that the women lined up based on how pregnant they were. Also, I learned that Marlaina Detrich gave the best oral in the world. How do they know that? Who did they poll?
What was most interesting was how the rise of Nazism effected Berlin and what happened to the cities 'sinfulness' when Grobels moved there to secure the city for Hitler (he hated Berlin for it's cosmopolitan freedom). Artists and what society calls 'sexual deviants' always stand in opposition to oppressive powers. But the Nazi's were freakish, so they fled.

Man, that was some good TV.


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