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Monday, February 07, 2005
So, my mom got an award on the weekend from this organization called the TNT Eagles. She got the award for all the work she does in the community, which is a lot. I went to the ceremony along with my sister, and four of her sisters. My family can get a little out of hand when they are together. Part way through the afternoon they started to sing along with one of the performers who was doing his rendition of “The Great Pretender”. They were singing in unison and swaying to the music. It’s too bad we didn’t have a whole table to ourselves because the two people sitting with us – who had met us for the first time – were a little surprised not only by the singing, but by the constant running commentary throughout the ceremony. They have an opinion on everything.

The ceremony’s MC was Harold Hussein. He was cheesy, but it was nice to see him there. There was another distinguished guest, Ben Johnson. He wore a long lilac blazer. Lookin’ good. I don’t care what anyone says, Ben Johnson is the fastest man in the world. No one has run the 100 meters that fast. Yeah, he was hopped up on steroids, but they all are. So, my aunt looks at Ben Johnson and says to me “There’s your boyfriend.” Funny.


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