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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
So, this morning I went to the YMCA. I fought through the rain because I thought that if i decided not to go because of the rain I am on a slippery slope to laziness, eventual morbid obesity and guest spot on Maurey Povich. I am very proud of myself for braving the rain and making it to the YMCA. Predictable the moment I got to the gym the scary woman on the treadmill saw me and her eyes like lasers bored into my forehead. I looked back at her and managed to crack a feeble smile. The kind of smile that says 'yes, we both come to the gym in the mornings but I don't really care to know who you are.' You know, a real polite smile. She continues to stare me down.

I'm at a loss. What do I do here?

So, I hop on a treadmill three spots away from the scary woman and start running. Then one of my worst pet peeves happened. I really smelly guy gets on beside me. Not only is he smelly but he is a real loud breather and he pushes out these huge gusts of air from his mouth that come rushing by me like a gale force wind. It's disgusting. As he flaps his arms like some sort of weird bird the entire treadmill area is being saturated with his stench, which his gusty breath is pushing more and more to my direction. Why can't grown adults just wear deodorant? Why does this man think it's OK to bring his stench to a public place?

Now I'm safe at my office, but the people at Tim Horton's put too much sugar in my coffee, so what started as bad coffee has just turned into really sweet bad coffee.


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