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Thursday, March 17, 2005
So, at the trade show on the weekend, I had my posture checked by a licensed professional. She was either a chiropractor or a podiatrist, I’m not sure which. Actually, I am pretty sure she was a chiropractor. Anyway, they – the chiropractor and her assistant – put me through a battery of tests. As it turns out, it is a miracle that I am still walking. First they assessed how evenly I distribute my weight to each leg. Not evenly at all, according to their two scales (there is nothing like getting weighed in public). Their instruments told me that I carry 11 more pounds on my left leg than I do on my right. This is amazing to me. I always figured that my left side was so much weaker, but in reality is it suffering under 11 extra pounds.
Then they measured the tension in my neck. Amazingly, exhausted and trapped at a trade show in Ottawa in MARCH, I was showing some tension in the top of my neck, which would explain why my left arm feels funny sometimes as the circulation is being effected my a pinched something or other causing a blockage of some sort to ventricular something.
The third test was to see how straight my shoulders, solar plexes and hips. She told me that my shoulders and solar plexes are perfectly straight. AWESOME! But my hips are a little off – I have one leg slightly longer than the other, like everyone else. It’s my left leg.
For the final test she had me walk along this inked pad to see how I planted my feet on the floor. I already knew about my feet – I wear insoles. Anyway, the arch on my left foot is not very…”archie”. I think that is the technical term.

So, while to look at me, I am perfectly normal. It seems that the left side of my body is a total mess.

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