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Thursday, March 10, 2005
So, I am at my mother's place again. I am here for the evening because my sister and I will be heading to Ottawa for a trade show. The magazine I work for is sending us. The drive up should be fun. My sister is very funny. She is also a talking sensation so there will never be a dull moment - which I am actually kind of dreading. Really, she is hilarious, but being both a Cancer and an artist (DISASTEROUS combination) she communicates in two ways, through complaints or she thinks about herself out-loud. You literally have to tell her something 5 or 6 times because she doesn't listen when you speak and when you finally get through to her, she complains because you didn't tell her earlier.

I will be at the trade show all weekend, we will be staying with a friend of mine and that friend will be travelling back to Toronto with us. ALL of that was new information for my sister. Although I did tell her several times.

My mother's house is ridiculously comfortable. Whenever I come here, I want to sleep for three days straight. Then I want to get up and watch daytime TV for a few hours then go back to sleep. However, there are a couple things that drive me crazy. 1. my mother no longer cooks and 2. there is ALWAYS a container of ice cream in the freezer, BUT that container is ALWAYS empty! Every time I come home it is like this. There are no left-overs and there is no ice cream. Why, I mean really.

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