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Friday, March 18, 2005
So, there is a good chance that I will never be cool. I mean never ever.

Last night I went to a party, and I was there to dance. The party was great, the crowd was there to have a good time as was I. This guy even challenged to a dance off in the middle of the floor. Boy did we cut a rug. Dare I say it? We drew a crowd.

Anyway, that is not why I’m un-cool. I am not cool because while walking into the party I spotted the cute boy who put me on the guest list. We’ll call him Capitan Attractivo. Well, Captain Attractivo was standing beside the woman working the guest list. I took one look at the Capitan and said “Hi” and that was it. Clearly, I was mesmerized by him as I stood there like a fat cat sitting on a couch watching TV. I wanted to make the two steps toward him to give him a little kiss on the cheek. There were literally two steps between us and I couldn’t move. I couldn’t will my legs to move. I was dumnfounded and frozen. “Name please” said the woman behind the counter. I looked at her, looked at him, looked at her, looked at him and said nothing. My tongue must have fallen right out of my mouth. He had to flip the pages of the guest list to find my name and cross it off. He had to do it because I couldn’t say my own name!

What’s a girl to do?

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