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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Well, the trade show is over. It ended on Sunday, but thankfully I didn't have to go that day. I totally refused. The bosses were annoyed as I guess they felt that I should be there Thursday night, until 10 on Friday, all day Saturday and then all day Sunday. Of course they haven't mentioned a thing about paying me. Boy, did I have nerve to refuse to work Sunday.

No, Sunday was my day to do nothing. I did, however, watch the Oscars. Wow, Hollywood should be proud. A room of thousands of people and this year the highest number of black nominees. FOUR! Awesome. Five if you count Jamie Fox twice. And there was one South Asian nominee. No Japanese, Koreans, Native Americans or anyone else (in all fairness, I may have missed a couple awards). Perhaps I am being to hard on the industry - baby steps to catching up with the world. After all, it is only 2005.

Since there was a snow storm, I wonder if my bosses will come in. It would be better if they didn't. However, It would be great if the interns showed up. They're great to work with. Oh, one just called. He'll be in. The other boss' life is just so much more difficult than everyone elses he will no doubt have 1000 problems getting into work today.

It's a bitter bitter morning.

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