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Saturday, April 02, 2005
The internet is AMAZING. I have nothing to do tonight and the weather is terrible, so I was just sitting here knocking around the internet when I remembered that GRC told me about Ligers and Tigons. These are hybrids of Lions and Tigers. Well, when she told me about them I was pretty amazed. I mean why would someone force Lions and Tigers to mate, well, I guess people were obsessed with this kind of thing.

Anyway, I decided to look some pictures up, and HOLY TOLEDO, the combonation of a Lion dad and a Tiger mom is MASSIVE. I'm talking 900 pounds of wild cat! It's HUGE. Check it out! On one site it said that the Liger is so big because the growth inhibitor in female lions and make tigers is not present in the parents on a Liger. But, Tigons (Tiger dad and lion mom) are smaller then both parents. Also, the hybrids are NOT sterile. They can have babies with either lions or tigers.

This I find amazing, but you know what blew my mind? It seems that a much lesser known hybrid is the Leopon. It is a hybrid of a male leopard and a Lioness. The most famous case was in a Japanese zoo - there are actual pictures of the leopard and the lioness doing it!

There is another Lion hybrid with a Jaguar. It's called a Jaglion. There are also Jaguar and leopard hybrids.

I think this kind of thing happened because zoo keepers didn't have the internet or TV or friends or something to keep them busy. Still, it's pretty amazing!

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