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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ok, there are martinis in this city and there are martinis. Over the past few years the martini has become a very popular drink. So much so that martini bars have popped up, or at least many bars have decided that it would be a good idea to sell very fancy martinis and who can blame them? They are excellent intoxicants and they look very elegant in their fancy martini glass. Aren't we chic? For $12.00 you can get an over done martini in an over-the-top glass in an over-priced bar and the attitude to boot.

Martinis now come in various flavours, and for those of us who want that martini look but can't handle the unforgiving taste of straight gin or the cut of pure vodka I offer you the sour apple or the apricot. For my friend with an extra special sweet tooth, have a sip of a chocolate martini. And, if you are looking for a constant buzz, the coffee martini is always available.

I don't know the history of the drink or who invented it or what went into the first martini. I don't care if it's origins are found in the British Isles or of the Siberian steppes, but I know this: I'm a purist. I'd like a dry gin martini with two olives. Now.

Tonight, unfortunately, I went to a bar in the city - Gatto Nero - and ordered a martini. I first noticed that they put in three olives when I asked for two, then I noticed the olives were from a can (Shocking, since the bar is in little Italy) and I noticed that canned olives gives a martini a canned taste. Very disappointing.

So, I had to have a half liter of wine.


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