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Saturday, April 16, 2005
So, how do you feel about live guitar at parties? I'm not a fan. In fact it drives me nuts. Why does it happen? I guess people like that sort of thing but, for me It's up there with un-wanted drumming circles. And you know how I feel about that. I just feel that the guitar people end up monopolizing the social space and prevent others from having conversations. Also, guitar people generally do not pick up on social cues that signal the other party goers would like them to shut up already so that we can drink heavily in peace and perhaps mac on that hot guy standing by the bathroom. It's like that Metric song, they are the number 1 wet blanket. Because nothing kills that got guy vibe like some dude in a denim shirt doing his own special rendition of "No Woman No Cry".

But, last night may have been the exception that proves my rule. I went to a pretty fun party, hosted by a guy I play pick-up soccer with in Dufferin Grove park. As GRC and I walked up the street we could see into his kitchen window where there was not one but TWO guys with guitars strumming away. We almost turned around and left. Now, GRC and I are pretty intolerant and we're not very nice, but since the party was being hosted by a really hot guy, we went in. I was flabbergasted when as I walked into the kitchen I noticed that the guitar playing wasn't very loud (I was also extremely pleased to see blue cheese, pate AND roasted red peppers). Also, they were just having fun with it. Then after a little bit they stopped and when someone asked one of them if he'd play again, he said, "no."

I think that I may have judged some of the guitar people too harshly, because these two guitar guys were great.

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